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Erectile dysfunction relates to deeply, personal issues. Men, in general, avoid visiting doctors, and they hate sharing their intimate matters with anybody. But to obtain a prescription for Viagra, one has to see a medical practitioner and discuss the details of his disorder. Fortunately, today it is possible to get Viagra without a prescription over the Internet.

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The demand for Viagra is incredibly high. Moreover, it relates to the most-often prescribed medications in all corners of the world. And this fact is quite easily explained. Viagra is the first, oral drug that helps to treat problems regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t matter whether erectile dysfunction was caused by psychological issues, over fatigue, low testosterone levels, or some inner, organ disorders – the pill safely launches the process of erection without the need of any specific, medical procedures. However, ordinary, brick-and-mortar pharmacies don’t deliver Viagra without a prescription. Though this drug is absolutely safe and usually doesn’t have any negative, adverse effects, in particular, in some situations it can be harmful.

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The quality of life is determined by a range of factors. One of the milestones of the quality of life for every, healthy man, irrespective of his age, is the quality of his sexual life. Researchers have repeatedly proven that a regular, sexual life brings deep satisfaction and content and is crucial for overall well-being. Men who are satisfied with their intimate life live longer and have health problems less frequently. Also, they more often report on their satisfaction with life in general. On the contrary, those men who don’t have regular sex or are not satisfied with its quality, suffer from various diseases much more often.

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There are legal and safety reasons. Viagra is a prescription-only medication, so it can only be legally sold to you if you have a prescription from a doctor, or you’ve been assessed by an online doctor service. Over-the-counter Viagra Connect has the same active ingredient, but it’s legal to sell without a prescription first. But, you still need to be assessed before you can buy it.


You can order non-prescription, over-the-counter Viagra online in the UK under the brand name Viagra Connect. You can also order prescription Viagra online, without getting a physical prescription from a doctor first, because the prescription is included as part of the online ordering process.

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Contrary to newspaper reports, viagra will not be available “over the counter” and remains classified as a prescription-only drug. Boots has been given permission to issue the drug in 29 stores, but only to men who clear a suitability assessment performed by a specially trained pharmacist. So far, Boots is the only pharmacy to have been given such permission.

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Medical professionals, including trained pharmacists, can apply for permission to issue certain drugs under the Patient Group Direction scheme. To get permission, pharmacies must be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency and the Care Quality Commission, which regulate the provision of medicines and healthcare.

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People who attempt to buy viagra or treatments for erectile dysfunction online risk wasting their money on costly fakes. More seriously, they could be putting their health in danger. Viagra-style drugs bought online may be counterfeit, contain unsafe levels of active ingredients or have other harmful substances added to them.

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Erectile dysfunction can be a debilitating condition, so it's important men feel they have fast access to quality and legitimate care, and do not feel they need to turn to counterfeit online supplies which could have potentially serious side-effects.

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Viagra is used for erectile disfunction treatment (men impotence). It works by helping to improve blood flow in penis to get and to support erection during sexual agitation.

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Cialis is designed for men impotence treatment (men erectile disfunction). It can be used for other goals as well. Take Cialis in accordance with your doctor recommendations. Make sure to check the label to define the dosage required. Cialis is for oral intake with or without food. Use this drug in case of necessity only. Take Cialis 30 minutes before sex based on your doctor recommendations. The effect from Cialis intake lasts for 48 hours.

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Levitra (Vardenafil) is an oral therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. After long 4 hours period of action and action start beginning from 16 minute Levitra has incomparable advantage in comparison to Viagra. Take Levitra is case of necessity only approximately one hour before sexual activity. Levitra intake requires some sexual stimulation as it does not cause the erection itself. Do not take Levitra more than once a day. The break between doses should be not less than 24 hours.

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One of the biggest questions we get from our customers is: Is Viagra over the counter? The short answer is: Viagra (sildenafil) is a prescription medication, meaning it isn’t available over the counter from your local pharmacy.

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If you have erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms, getting a prescription for Viagra isn’t as difficult—or as jarring—as you might think. Sildenafil is one of the most widely used ED medications in the world and is used daily to help millions of men perform in the bedroom.

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Because generic sildenafil and Viagra are prescription drugs, you’ll need to complete an online medical consultation with an independent physician before your order is shipped. If you are an appropriate candidate for sildenafil, you’ll receive a valid prescription online.

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Over-the-counter Viagra substitutes usually contain herbal ingredients like ginseng, horny goat weed and L-arginine. Right now, the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of these ingredients is mixed, at best, with most performing no better in testing than placebos.

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Lower cost generic Viagra, called sildenafil, has been available since Viagra's patent expired in the UK in June 2013. Sildenafil citrate is the medical name of the active ingredient in Viagra. Generic Viagra tablets cost from 95p each - branded Viagra cost £5.


The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil, which is known medically as a PDE5 inhibitor. Sildenafil inhibits (blocks) an enzyme which regulates blood flow in the penis. PDE5 inhibitors multiply the natural process of arousal and increase blood flow to the penis in situations of sexual stimulation. Sildenafil helps to achieve an erection but relies on natural arousal as a trigger. It, and other PDE5 inhibitors such as tadalafil, vardenafil, and avanafil, support sexual relations when erections are failing.

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If 50mg strength of tablet is highly effective subsequent doses may be reduced down to one 25mg tablet. If a 50mg tablet is ineffective, or the duration of activity is less than 4 hours, the dose can be increased to one 100mg tablet. Do not take Viagra more than once per day, or more than 100mg dose.

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Arousal is required for the treatment to work. Viagra is most likely to be suitable if taken in situations where sexual arousal is expected within an hour or two of taking the tablet. Without sexual arousal there will be no benefit and the effect of the tablet will simply wear off after about 4 hours.


VIAGRA connect is the first medicine available without a prescription in the UK to help men with erectile dysfunction symptoms. Available to buy from the pharmacy and registered online pharmacies.

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Branded Viagra Connect is the only medication currently available over the counter so there is no cheaper generic version available, unlike if you order online or go through your GP. There is also only 1 dosage of 50mg available for Viagra Connect, so if you need a strong dosage for better results, or a weaker dosage for fewer side effects, you need to buy elsewhere.

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Buying over the counter without a prescription – you can buy Viagra Connect over the counter from most Superdrug pharmacy stores. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription first – just go into a pharmacy and ask a member of the pharmacy staff for a Viagra Connect assessment. Many other UK pharmacies are also offering over the counter Viagra Connect as well.


Buying online without a prescription – when you buy ED treatment online, you don’t need a prescription first, and a wider range of different treatments are likely to be available for you to choose from. As with the face-to-face consultation a pharmacist or GP would do before you get treatment in person, the same occurs online, with you filling out a questionnaire which is then assessed by our doctors. Online doctor services like Superdrug Online Doctor allow you to complete an online assessment form which a GMC-registered doctor will then check. If it’s safe for you, they will approve your treatment and you can have it posted to you or choose to collect in a Superdrug store. See reviews for prescription Viagra bought online from Superdrug Online Doctor.

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The ED drugs and herbal remedies you buy on the internet aren't always what they seem. An FDA investigation found that more than one-third of "dietary supplements" sold for ED actually contained prescription drugs, including sildenafil, the medicine in Viagra.

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Some ED drugs sold online contained entirely different medicines, such as the antibiotic metronidazole and the fertility drug clomiphene.

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Viagra was originally created in 1989 by Pfizer as a treatment for high blood pressure and chest pain but was discovered to help erectile dysfunction (ED). It became available in the US as an ED treatment in 1998 and has been widely prescribed ever since. In 2017, generic sildenafil became available at a much lower cost than the brand-name medication. Lemonaid doctors prescribe both Viagra and generic sildenafil so whatever you need when it comes to meds, we’ve got you covered.

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Viagra works by increasing blood flow to your penis. It’s a reliable treatment for men who are unable to achieve an erection and those unable to maintain an erection. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, this might be the right ED medicine for you.

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Viagra is the most popular branded medication on the market for erectile dysfunction and has helped many men suffering from ED. Need help figuring out which is the right ED med for you? Schedule an easy online appointment with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners right now. We know how much privacy and discretion matter when it comes to your sexual health. That’s why we offer convenient video appointments with medical professionals from the comfort of your own home and ability to message our medical team anytime. Plus, our online pharmacy will deliver meds to your door in discreet packaging in just 2-3 days. We’ve got you covered.

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Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) allows men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to achieve and sustain an erection when sexually aroused.

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Tadalafil: Available under the brand names Adcirca and Cialis, take tadalafil between 1 to 2 hours before sex. These tablets function for 36 hours.

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Penile self-injections: Ceratin medications, such as alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine, can be injected directly into the side or base of the penis. These can help achieve or maintain an erection for up to 40 minutes.

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Urethral suppository: Very small alprostadil suppositories can be placed in the penile urethra using a special applicator. This stimulates an erection within 10 minutes that can last for up to 60 minutes.

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Vacuum erection devices are hollow tubes also known as penis pumps. They are attached to a hand- or battery-operated pump and work by drawing blood into the penis. They help a man to achieve an erection that he can maintain using a tension ring.

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Viagra is one of the most well-known drugs in the world, used to treat erectile dysfunction, or ED, and impotence. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. It relaxes muscles and blood vessels in the penis for better blood flow, making it easier for a man to develop an erection. Take Viagra within 60 minutes of sexual activity to make it easier to become erect. Note that common side effects include temporary changes in vision and flushing.

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