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Difference Between a Vertical and Horizontal Broaching Machine

Broaching equipment is a square size with stroke and tariff, typically removing the different substances from the half, increasing the size of the half, and using tons and strokes. Broaching can be done in various methods, including horizontal broaching, horizontal broaching, external broaching, rotary broaching, and linear broaching. 

The types of broaching are by the precise specifications of the part. The ability of horizontal broaching machines to produce precise, high-quality results at a fair price is causing them to gain in popularity.

Of all available broaching methods, the most well-known are the horizontal and vertical broaching machines. How are these two machines different? We’ll explain the differences between vertical and horizontal broaching machines as a leading broaching equipment manufacturer. 

Horizontal Broaching Machines

The name implies term “horizontal broaching” implies that it operates horizontally. It is ideal for continuous, pull surface and rotary broaching. These machines are mostly employed to make longer strokes. The horizontal broaching machine has 6 tons of power and a stroke of 48 inches.

Advantages Of Horizontal Broaching:

  • It offers an extensive range of cutting forms
  • The best option for internal broaching
  • It is ideal for making keyways, squares, hexes, and Splines
  • Creates extra-long strokes
  • It is easy to adjust and retool

Types Of Horizontal Broaching Machines:

  • Standard Horizontal Hydraulic Broaching Machine
  • Helical Horizontal Broaching Machine
  • The CNC shaper Broaching Machine

Vertical Broaching Machines

Contrary to horizontal broaching machines, this vertical machine operates using a precise tool to make custom cuts on workpieces that are produced at high speeds. After it is set using all the tools, it is the most efficient broaching machine for large-scale production and bulk workpieces.

Advantages Of Vertical Broaching:

  • Ideal for footprints with a small footprint
  • Give stroke lengths without consuming too large amounts of space
  • It can be used for extreme stroke lengths
  • Ideal for mass production

Types Of Vertical Broaching Machines:

  • Table-Up Broaching Machine
  • Pull Down Broaching Machine
  • Single Ram Surface Broaching Machine
  • Dual Ram Surface Broaching Machine
  • Helical Broaching Machine
  • Table High Broaching Machine
  • Triplex Broaching Machine
  • Pot Broaching Machine
  • Blind Spline Broaching Machine
  • Rotary Table Blind Spline Broaching Machine

Vertical Broaching Vs Horizontal Broaching

The debate over vertical and horizontal is ever-lasting! However, when it comes down to the most effective, there’s no competition since both come with distinct characteristics, functions, and advantages. As an example, when in comparison to vertical machines, horizontal machines can have longer strokes. 

However, to say that one is superior to the other is a bad idea when broaching machines are used since it depends on the kind of workpieces used and the specifications for manufacturing.


As we’ve explained earlier, horizontal and vertical machines have their own capabilities and uses. We hope the information we shared about these machines was useful enough for you to be more able to make an informed decision when purchasing a broaching machine. If you’re planning to purchase broaching equipment, contact us. As a reputable broaching equipment manufacturer, we offer a range of broaching machines in stock.

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